Restoration and interior conversion

The Hague

Restoration and interior conversion

Thorough restoration, renovation and refurbishment of interior and exterior

18th century building on one of the most beautiful canals in The Hague

This characteristic 18th century canal house consists of a front and a back house with a cour in the middle. In 2011 we have designed the interior refurbishment so that the house follows the lifestyle of its residents. In particular, the layout of the entrance and second floor we have tackled, making the rooms on the ground floor available for a study at the front and a kitchen at the rear.

We have connected the kitchen and the dining room above this in a logical way by means of a kitchen elevator. The bathroom and master bedroom originally situated on the first floor, we have moved to the attic. The custom-made bathroom furniture we have also designed. The 18th century room-en-suite on the first floor has been restored. Finally, during the renovation of the façade, it appeared that the staircase was about to collapse. For this we have made a plan of action first and then have the load-bearing walls and the foundation repaired.