About HAGUE architects

HAGUE’s architecture

sustainable and future-oriented

Architecture is future-oriented when it allows optimal space for changes in living and lifestyle of its residents. That is why centuries-old houses and houses from the 30s of the last century are so popular. These houses are cherished and are therefore by definition sustainable.

precision, simplicity and comfort

Designing estate and interior with respect for history and environment and giving these extra meaning that is HAGUE’s architecture. Architecture that is furthermore inspired both locally and globally: a combination of precision, simplicity and comfort with creativity.

complete service

HAGUE does not only design, but manages the entire building process of your property: from applying for the environmental permit and the tendering process to building supervision.

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Very personal

Interieur van uw huis

Of course the interior of your house is very personal. How does your house fit in with your taste and way of life? The experience of space, sight lines, light and color determine the interior. They enter into a symbiosis with practical matters, such as the routing in your home and a place for a future elevator, for example, so that your house can “move with you”. (life proof). 

Historic houses and National monuments

to its former glory

A significant part of our design assignments involves renovation and restoration. Renovation includes the complete renewal and improvement of a house, restoration restoring a monument to its former glory. We can combine restoration and renovation in one go with the interior.

heritage conservation

If your house is a listed building, the design develops in consultation with you and “Monumentenzorg” (The Conservation Committee). See for example “RESTORATION AND INTERIOR CONVERSION THE HAGUE”.


Alex Goedemans, Architect

Graduated from TU Delft in 1996, with an honourable mention and publication, I have first gained over 10 years of experience and expertise in two of the largest Dutch architecture firms. Following this I started my own agency “HAGUE architects” in early 2007 in The Hague. My broad architecture orientation lead to national and international clients and collaborations. Ever since I design most preferably homes and neighborhoods, inextricably linked to city or village. In order to professionally realize the designs, I like to be involved in the entire design process: from sketch to completion, from landscape to detail.

ir. Alex Goedemans, architect bna