Interior renovation Marlot

The Hague

Interior renovation Marlot

Interior renovation

Design in city conservation area

  • two superimposed villa apartments are converted into a spacious two-under-one-roof house;
  • ground floor and first floor conversion;
  • new kitchen, dining room and study;
  • triple doors to terrace and garden.

Customized home

spacious family house

By joining two chambers two times, is a spacious kitchen realized on the ground floor and an additional study on the first floor. A luxury entrance hall, toilet and a dining-room are realized on the ground floor, by removing the old bathroom and the original dwelling separation. The wardrobe is placed in the cupboards of the kitchen with the opening to the hall. In the rear, the kitchen has got one and the dining room has got triple doors to the terrace and the garden, according to the original frame detailing. Result: spacious family house of 237 m2 GFA and 180 m2 GBO.;