Loft conversion duplex

Loft conversion duplex

Design 2014, Completion 2014

Loft Conversion

“Loft clean-up” duplex apartment:

  • bathroom renovation and enlargement first level;
  • complete loft conversion;
  • second bathroom at the attic;
  • large master bedroom;
  • change routing and stairs;
  • change and install water, heating- and ventilation;
  • equipment room and washing room

comfortable loft

luxurious bathroom and bedrooms

Originally in the thirties of the 20th century the loft of the duplex apartment wasn’t used. There was only an empty space. The loft has been put to use as storage room by the previous owner. The current owners bought the attic of the VVE (owners association). HAGUE has converted the loft into comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms. The stone walls are painted white. The rafters are bare sanded and cleaned